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Hello, and welcome to New England Nutritives®. Thank you for stopping by. I hope that we can be of good service to you and your family, both now and in the future. If you have any needs, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

I started New England Nutritives® after experiencing the benefits of dietary supplements. After suffering a back injury that led to circulatory problems, I turned to nutrition to help me through my ailments. I found that some nutritional supplement products simply did not work—despite what the product advertisements, literature and packaging proclaimed. I found that when I switched brands, suddenly the supplements worked. That’s when I realized that not all vitamin companies produce their vitamins the right way for maximum benefit. Many companies make false claims about their products. They extol the virtues of vitamins but their brand fails to deliver the vitamin’s full potential. Unfortunately, I learned these truths through much trial and error, and at a substantial financial cost.

Supplementation has helped me personally. I am limited in what I can say regarding the the health benefits of dietary supplements, but I strongly urge you to do your homework and read the wealth of information out there. Yes, I want you to buy your supplements from New England Nutritives®, but regardless from whom you buy them, it is my opinion that everyone, including your pets, should be taking them!

New England Nutritives® carries the products that my family and I use, from companies that, in my opinion, do not cut corners when producing their supplements. We operate under a flexible pricing policy by offering greater discounts based on greater number of units purchased. We’re in this with you. We aim to be fair with our pricing, and we’ll work individual cost-saving deals with our steady, faithful customers. 

Beware the Food Industry
I want you to understand why I believe everyone needs to be taking quality supplements. In life, it is always best to think of the glass as half full. But where your body is concerned, there are negatives out there that need to be addressed so that you can make informed decisions about your health and what you choose to consume. Pardon the philosophizing, but in the struggle for survival, many evils are committed. Unfortunately, not all trickery and underhandedness is the kind that slaps you in the face. You need to look out for your own health interests.   

When I go to a grocery store, I am amazed to find cigarettes and food sold in the same facility. Doesn’t that just blow your hair back? If grocers will sell you cigarettes, what won’t they sell you? That’s all I need to know to conclude that I cannot trust the grocer/grocery store conglomerates. Brother sells out brother for a dollar—a scenario as old as time!

Truth is, much of what is sold in grocery stores is bad—very bad—for you. And even if something is good for you, food manufacturers manage to alter it so that it becomes bad for you. For example, have you ever bought dried pineapple from a regular grocery store versus a natural foods store? The product at the regular grocery store looks more appealing, but is not as healthy for you. Generally, dried fruits are good for you, but producers add processed sugar, artificial preservatives and color to make them more pleasing to the eye, and sweeter, albeit artificially. The result—you are eating something that only resembles something that is good for you. 

The fresh food section should take up most of the grocery store. Instead, the majority of the store is filled with canned goods and foods loaded with artificial preservatives, strange chemicals and unnatural fats. Food producers want foods that don’t spoil because this is how they make money. They also want the food to taste good without having to use the right ingredients, because wholesome ingredients are more expensive than artificial ones. By putting chemicals in the food, they are able to achieve their goal of selling tasty food at a greater profit. That is…evil. Producers know that in the long run, these chemical ingredients—cancer-causing dyes and unnatural sugars—harm people. The frozen food section doesn’t solve the problem. Although freezing food slows up the production of bacteria by preserving the food for a longer period of time, these food producers still put all kinds of toxic junk in there. Their objective is not your well-being—it’s making money. Face it, the food is poisoned.

Don’t you just love how the grocery store permits cereals loaded with chemicals and bad sugars to be deliberately positioned at your child’s eye level? The food producers and the grocery store chains are in cahoots to sell your kids sugary cereal by using friendly cartoon characters and brightly colored packaging. They are banking that the child will beg for it and the parent won’t know any better (or be too tired and give in). They want to get your kids hooked! Because the product doesn’t instantly harm your child, the law condones its manufacture and sale. Permit me to point out the audacity of these food manufacturers advertising how beneficial their sugary cereals are because they contain vitamins and minerals. Don’t be fooled—they are manufacturing poison for your children and then, as an afterthought, sprinkling in cheap vitamins. They think you’re stupid.

I thought the government was there to protect us. Maybe not. Our government has permitted powerful people in powerful conglomerates to poison our food in order to make money. And our government winks at it. As long as the ingredients kill the consumer slowly, their use is permitted in food production. If the ingredients killed the consumer quickly—only then are they bad. So an ingredient like high fructose corn syrup found in thousands of products regularly fed to children is just fine—that is, until the epidemic of child obesity and diabetes stares us in the face.    

As people become more and more educated about what’s healthy and what’s not, the major chains are adding whole food sections to their stores. But these sections are small, the selection narrow, and the food often grossly overpriced. It just goes to show you that grocers follow the dollar. Many of these big businesses are run by people who have no moral fiber at all. This is precisely the reason why we have laws. Without laws, can you imagine what a grocery store would be like? I wonder if they would sell human meat, if there were a strong enough demand for it and it was legal to do so!

Lesson: Although the government has enacted laws and regulations by which the food industry must abide, you cannot trust your health to those laws. YOU MUST STILL READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS AND KNOW THE EFFECTS OF THOSE INGREDIENTS ON YOUR BODY. 

Why put hormones in our beef? They hurt the human endocrine system, especially in children. Why use cancer-causing dyes in prepared foods if a natural dye works just as  well? Why aren’t most companies using them? Why put our beverages in plastic containers when they know the plastic leeches into the product? Why not use glass? If companies must use plastic, why not use the right kind of plastic that doesn’t leech? Why put high-fructose corn syrup in foods when it is known to make children obese? Why are these companies toying around with peoples’ health, and why does the government allow it? Yes, we all need to make money. But this is really unconscionable stuff they are doing! Healthy people often don’t recognize the seriousness of these issues. It is usually only when sickness comes that people begin to realize the problem. Why wait until then?

Did you know that the New York City restaurant industry fought hard to block a recently enacted health code provision requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on menus and menu boards? They were fighting because they are serving food that has a negative impact on peoples’ health, and disclosing this calorie information confirms this. One restaurant serves a burger that contains nearly 1,000 calories. Restaurant-goers (at least in most places outside of NYC) woof down a couple of burgers and walk out with smiles on their faces—not realizing what they have just eaten. If you eat at a fast food joint, please go online and at least take a look at what they are feeding you. The numbers may spook you to into either giving up fast food completely or cutting down on a particular item. Your jaw will drop when you see the numbers on fat and sodium. It is beyond absurd. I am conveying all of this to show you that companies give very little consideration to your health when making and selling food products. Remember, a business is not an inanimate object. A business is made up of people who make daily decisions that compromise your health—for a buck.  

No doubt, the cost of buying all your groceries from a natural food store can be prohibitive. As you are likely aware, the problem with the health food industry generally is that stores charge an arm and a leg for their products. Let’s be honest, if they could figure out a way to charge you for good clean air, they would. Merchants don’t charge reasonable prices—they charge what they can get away with and wait for the law of the jungle to slap them back. Still, it is in your best interest to integrate into your diet a greater amount of natural, whole foods. You should be purchasing at least some food items from the health food store. Concerning dietary supplements—you now have a choice. New England Nutritives® can help with your supplement needs at a fraction of the cost you will find them at big health-food chains. We can help you save some money as you work toward a healthy lifestyle.  

Eat Better, and Supplement
When big business is running the farm, we’re all in trouble. Foods produced for most non-health food chains are grown in such a way to turn a quick profit. For example, scientists have engineered peppers to leave off certain nutrients so that they grow faster—which means a more plentiful supply. Toxins are sprayed all over the produce to stop insects from claiming their share. Great, but what is that doing to the consumer? Are you cleaning your foods properly? Are you supplementing for what the fast-growing pepper lacks? 

Produce is not picked freshly ripened off the vine. It’s picked early because it has to endure transit time and sitting in the grocery store. It is then gas-ripened—either by being placed in an enclosed area or being introduced to gas artificially. A tomato, for example, was meant to be ripened on the vine to gain all of its nutrients…and flavor. Instead, it is picked green and artificially ripened. Is the food you’re eating really full of all the natural nutrients that it should be? No, it is not, and that is why I believe we all need to be taking high-quality supplements.

I’m Italian, and there are benefits to growing up in an Italian household. We have big vegetable gardens, and we eat from them in the summer. We also pick varieties of fruits and vegetables from area orchards and farms during the summer and fall months—tomatoes, apples, cherries, pears, plums, peaches, beans, and more. I know what a real apple tastes like compared with what they sell in the supermarket! There’s a huge difference—in taste and nutritional value!

If you have some land, plant a garden and eat from it as often as possible! Use a natural pesticide. Even if you don’t own any land, many cities and towns have community garden plots, which can be rented during the growing season. If you cannot or choose not to garden, try to buy fresh farm produce from local farmers in the summer months. Invest in a fruit and vegetable juicer—they’re fairly inexpensive and well worth the money—and drink raw juices regularly. Almost every juice sold in the store has been cooked through pasteurization and is dead (they pump vitamins back in later). Take a high-quality, whole food, natural multi-vitamin daily. Also, take a product like Mineral Rich® daily. Disease starts in the gut, so good digestion can ward off a slew of ailments. Are you digesting your food properly? Make sure you are getting enough enzymes in your diet. We encourage you to review our selection of digestive enzymes.  

New England Nutritives®
Why should you buy from us? New England Nutritives® offers you high-quality vitamins and supplements to help nourish your body and fight the war waged against your and your family’s health.  

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